Forward SG Conversations and Listening Points
In September and October, REACH organised three Forward SG Conversations for Singaporeans from all walks of life to share their ideas of a better future. REACH experimented with a different engagement modality – the “Open Space Technology”. Rather than a dialogue focused on a specific topic, participants themselves set the agenda for the sessions and hosted discussions independently during these sessions. In doing so, participants were able to discuss topics that they cared deeply about and hear different perspectives from their fellow participants.​​​​​​​
Red Dot, Hot Takes Video Series
REACH partnered with host and comedian Hossan Leong on “Red Dot, Hot Takes”, a video series where Government leaders and guests discussed key policy issues in a light-hearted manner. Pilot episode “Majulah”, saw Hossan, DPM Lawrence Wong and guests unpack the topic of National Identity and the Social Compact, as well as the considerations behind Forward SG.

Clip from the pilot of Red Dot Hot Takes, featuring Hossan Leong, systemic psychotherapist Maimunah Mosli, DPM Lawrence Wong, and artiste Belinda Lee. 

Partnering Community Partners on Women’s Development & Gender Equality 
In the lead up to the release of the White Paper of Singapore’s Women’s Development, REACH organised three dialogues to close the loop on issues surfaced during last year’s Conversations on Women’s Development. These dialogues were organised with the Young Sikh Association, Singapore Khalsa Association, Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) and SINDA Youth Club, Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations and Mums@Work. Participants explored key issues such as equality in the workplace, equality in family and society, and the protection of women against harms and violence.

REACH also partnered with community organisations such as Daughters of Tomorrow, Wicare Support Group and Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities to survey women of various backgrounds, as well as video streaming service Viu and tea brand BaWangChaji to engage the general public. Respondents shared their views on the three pillars highlighted in the Conversations on Singapore Women’s Development: workplace opportunities, caregiver support, and protection against violence and harassment.

REACH worked with the Young Sikh Association, Singapore Khalsa Association, Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) and SINDA Youth Club to organise a conversation on Women’s Development chaired by Minister Indranee Rajah and MP Vikram Nair.

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